Book Clubs


We love book clubs and love to support them! 

While we don’t currently host any book clubs here at the store, we do hope to do that in the future. 
In the meantime, if you have a book club, we are happy to offer the following:

10% OFF

  1. Register your book club with us, providing a main contact name/number.
  2. Let us know in advance (at least two weeks) what books you will be reading and how many copies you would like to have available for purchase. This will give us time to verify availability and order/receive them.
  3. We will hold the copies at the desk and call your contact person when they are available. Each member may come in at their convenience to pick up and receive 10% off each purchase.

15% OFF
Save more on each book by following the same steps above, but when the books arrive, assign one person to come in to pick up and pay for them all at once. 

Need recommendations for your book club? 
We have some wonderful resources to share and we love to make recommendations!

Interested in signing your book club up or want to learn more? 
Email us here to get started!