Play Like a Cat: The 3 Game Stages Your Clever Cat Needs (Paperback)

Play Like a Cat: The 3 Game Stages Your Clever Cat Needs Cover Image
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Did you just adopt your first kitten? Are you a kitty veteran looking for some new tricks? Are you just here browsing for a funny book on cats?

Play Like a Cat is the world's first comprehensive manual of cat play. Playing with your cat should never be a chore. The trick is knowing how to actively engage your cat, to improve fun, safety and trust. It also helps to have a playbook of the many games and toys out there.

Some of the many questions Play Like a Cat answers...

How to create fun:
- Why are paper grocery bag handles the ultimate, free cat toy?
- When I use the red dot, why should I immediately follow up with a tactile toy?
- Why should I only offer catnip once a week?

How to increase safety:
- What toys are safe? What popular toys are not?
- Why should I never give my cat a plastic bag?
- How do I correctly train my cat to stop biting me?

How to earn trust:
- When should I give my cat their space, and let them come to me?
- Why does yelling, hissing and hitting never work?
- Why does my cat always gravitate to that one guest who doesn't like cats?

Like many skills, the art of cat play doesn't require a degree - just a little time and patience. Ultimately a good play session will become bonding time between you and your feline companion. Not to mention, you will find yourself having just as much fun as your cat.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780996186407
ISBN-10: 0996186409
Publisher: Catch Your Creativity
Publication Date: December 23rd, 2015
Pages: 212
Language: English