Law & Social Justice: A Reader (Paperback)

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An exciting collection of edited works, classic and contemporary, on core issues of justice in America and in the world. Beginning with competing conceptions of justice in political theory, the book then presents writings mounting challenges to fundamental assumptions about distribution of wealth and opportunity within the U.S. and globally. Can property rights be so pervasive that they effectively deny basic liberties to those who do not possess any property? Is there any plausible defense for inter-generational transmission of wealth? Should we have open national borders? Are our obligations to impoverished persons on the other side of the world whom we've never met just as great as our obligations to impoverished persons in our own city? Following these chapters are eight devoted to critical theory and questions of subordination, identity, anti-essentialism, and intersectionality, with chapters devoted to particular groups such as racial minorities, women, sexual minorities, children, the elderly, and animals. The book closes with a chapter that invites, largely through literature and accounts of altruistic behavior, reflection on our personal responsibility to effect justice in the world.

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ISBN: 9780997897388
ISBN-10: 0997897384
Publisher: Kamset Press
Publication Date: June 1st, 2017
Pages: 530
Language: English