Downsize to Freedom: A smaller home is a bigger life. (Paperback)

Downsize to Freedom: A smaller home is a bigger life. Cover Image
By Dame Dj
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We are living in 'Bubbles' the property, student debt, car, bond, & stock market bubbles are all going to pop leaving us drowning in debt. Our possessions have ended up owning us, rather than the other way around. We live homes we slave for to make the payments on but instead we should liberate ourselves from the crushing burden of the rat race. Author Dame DJ successfully makes that journey into a smaller and happy home with the drama, misery, tears and fear of downsizing. No one wants to downsize they want to Upsize but thats not going to happen in todays economy so she's put together all her tips and advice. Its funny, uncompromising, direct and clear with plenty of personal anecdotes, and breaks down the entire process of moving, choosing, and decorating your new home into practical, easy-to-understand tips; -Pick your new neighbourhood -Decide what to let go (almost everything) and what to keep -Master the art of adjusting to a small kitchen with few appliances -Eat and cook for one person -Make the best of small shower rooms -Keep a positive attitude despite your circumstances Move before you have to and do it once. Keep your money, find some simple pleasures in life, live longer and enjoy.

About the Author

Dame DJ describes her life as "married young, starved young, divorced young, had two children then lived in a few different countries and learnt about life" www.DJBooks.Club is her collection of unique experiences, joy, laughter, truth and feelings we can share together with new books added continually. Titles include; Gourmands on the Run! Part 1 & 2 Behind the Wall. Parts 1,2,3 Percy the Pea and Friends To be or not to be Single? Part 1 & 2 Downsize to Freedom Part 1 & 2 The Dope Diet Part 1 & 2
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ISBN: 9781502521279
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Publication Date: March 19th, 2016
Pages: 54
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