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Selling Your Home can be a frustrating and nerve wracking process. After all, your home represents one of your most expensive possessions and probably one of your most important investments as well. So it makes sense that you want to get the highest price for it when it comes time to sell it. But you also want to sell it quickly so you have the money available for what comes next in your life. "SOLD How to Sell Your Home FAST " is designed to help the homeowner who is looking to sell his or her home to not only get the highest possible price but to also sell their home in a shorter period of time. We take you through every step of the process from how to prepare your home, how to set the best price, whether or not to sell it yourself or go through an agent and how to market your home properly. We discuss things you need to do to your home, things you should do and things you might want to consider to bring you a higher sales price than you might normally get. Sometimes just being aware of someone can make all the difference in the world "SOLD How to Sell Your Home FAST " is written for the average person looking to sell their home. It is easy to understand and will take the mystery and fear out of the sales process. It will allow you to understand what is going on and how to talk to people about your home. It will also help you to avoid being cheated or taken advantage of as well. In short, "SOLD How to Sell Your Home FAST " is bound to become your most important tool you will use in selling your home.

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Kimberly Peters is the author of several How-To and Self Improvement publications. She is also a staff writer for and The Customer Service Training Institute, an online creator and seller of Customer Service Training and Business Training publications.
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ISBN: 9781511954716
ISBN-10: 151195471X
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: April 29th, 2015
Pages: 144
Language: English