Grandma's Household Hints and Recipes Using Time Tested Economical Tips in Your Home (Paperback)

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Grandma's Household Hints and Recipes Using Time Tested Economical Tips in Your Home Time tested old tips and recipes for a 21st Century Householder TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction In the Kitchen Spreading hard butter Prevent Glasses From Breaking Opening stubborn bottle tops Cooking with green vegetables Treat burns Making bread and cookie crumbs instantly Making self rising flour Making pie crust flaky Making pickled onion and cucumber in vinegar Separating egg whites from yolks Pungent fishy smell Keeping fruit and vegetables fresh How to open a coconut or crack pecan nuts? Sugar syrup making. Keep your refrigerator sweet Stains under the nails Straining soup without clogging Peeling carrots Best way of slicing bacon Keep cream from curdling Get more juice out of lemons Mixing board slab Skinning tomatoes easily Absorbing Extra Salt in the Food Onions, onions, onions Tenderize meat Testing mushrooms Stop fish from breaking up when frying: How to remove a cake without its breaking up Preventing rice grains from sticking Getting rid of pests Flies Cockroaches Get rid of moths Get rid of rats and mice Prevent Boiling Eggs from Cracking Home remedies Pimple remedy Cough Gastric trouble Nausea Insomnia remedy Sprains In the House Fresh paint smell Keeping flowers fresh Removing grease stains on wallpaper Cleaning Glass Panes Protection Against Spilled Water on bed Sofa cushions stuffing For Clogged Lavatory Basins Clean Bath Tub and sink To Clean Mirrors To Clean and Purify a Sponge Lemon clothes whitener Remove scorch stains from white clothes Cutting old glass bottles without cutting yourself Sagging cane chairs Uses of velveteen Thawing out icy steps Using Plaster of Paris to Mend Walls Stain removing hints Fruit, tea, wine and coffee stains Indelible ink stains Grease stains from white woolens Remove Perspiration Stains Mud Stains Blood stains Remove mildew Car grease stains Wax stains Tar Spots Iodine Stains Blueberry stains Rust stains Ink stains To Remove Ink from linen after it has dried in Ink on Carpet Conclusion Author Bio Introduction I began looking at grandma's household hints when I saw that most of us were using chemical based cleaners to clean our greasy kitchen utensils every morning and evening. Not only was this bad for our general health, because there could be a side effect due to any possible residue of chemicals which had not been washed away during the last rinsing. This is why this collection of grandma's household hints, is going to be very useful for all those people who prefer natural or easily available remedies, and solutions available right there in the kitchen or gardens. Apart from your home and kitchen, you are going to find long forgotten hints, which were used by your and my grandma to get rid of stains, preserve clothes from pests, and other tips, which may sound very amusing and surprising in this day and age. But you should remember that grandma was brought up in times when she had to watch every penny of grandpa's limited income and make it stretch until it screeched. That is why, she was more prone to using her own natural good sense, inborn shrewdness, or knowledge passed to her from her own grandmother, friends, relatives, and from her neighbors too. In fact, they used to meet once in a while, and exchange household tips, which may have gone something like this "Oh, Mrs...., I have found it so easy to remove stains from my hands, by just rubbing a lemon over them, and I prevent chapping by drying my hands after I have done the washing and then rubbing a pinch of starch all over the surface, "all the while waving those same unchapped stainless hands in the air.
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