Dementia (Paperback)

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This book is about my husband and I fighting Parkinson disease with dementia for eight-plus years and the products that I used.
I wrote this book guide after having personally cared for my husband, David. I had to learn on my own.
Dementia is a symptom affiliated with Parkinson, Alzheimer, and other diseases.

This book guide explains the following:
It's a guide in giving proper care for your loved one and what to expect.
By having a schedule for caregivers, the patient will get the right care that is needed for your loved one.


Home Security
Medical Equipment
Long-Term Care Insurance
Caregiver Providers
Disposable Undergarments
Hygiene Urinary and Bowel Incontinence
Sun Downing Syndrome
Ideas to Keep the Patient Active
Coping and Being Active Yourself
Tools Possibly Needed
Hospice Care
Other Resources to Help Fight Dementia

This book is to help people that are going through this terrible ordeal with loved ones that don't know you anymore. They don't mean to hurt you. The biggest thing in this book is to make sure they are safe and loved.
This book is for caregivers too. The caregiver that worked for me was very special to my family and me. They are part of the family, and they need to be treated as part of the family. Thank God for caregivers.

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