The Things I Remember: Living in the Village Bells Mill (Paperback)

The Things I Remember: Living in the Village Bells Mill Cover Image
By Edward J. Wilson, Sarah Williams (Editor), Kevin Owens (Compiled by)
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This book is about being raised in a community that was more like a village wherein every adult took on the position of being your parent. It's about being raised in the time of segregation and a being raised poor yet blessed by God who always has been a provider in the time of need. It gives funny illustrations that actually happened in my life with me and my family members. It tells how God has blessed me over the years to conduct, direct and serve as minister of music for many church choirs and gospel groups. It summarize my life, my faith, my hope and my desire to be a believer in the Lord Jesus my Christian growth. My name is Edward James Wilson and I was reared in the Bells Mill section of Chesapeake, Virginia. My joy is preaching the word of God and serving as Minister of Music for over 50 years playing the organ, piano and keyboard. I love conducting gospel music workshops and writing gospel songs. This book started as a memoire for my wife and children and grandchildren to read about my up-bringing. Before I knew it that turned into a full book written in a period of over ten years writing off and on.

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ISBN: 9781662846359
ISBN-10: 1662846355
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: May 11th, 2022
Pages: 188
Language: English